The new 7 " release, "Morning Bells" with songs "Static Transmission" and "Garden Heart" is finally available for purchase. After nearly a year of work, we are excited to offer you this record, which comes decked out in a silk screened jacket and includes a lyric sheet & tons of artwork! If you are interested in purchasing this record, please visit our bandcamp!
The records have arrived, we just have to get the jackets finished up! 
I singled out "Home" from our last set and made a separate video for it. Justin Enis helped us out on bass for this show. Click here to see it! 
We've just posted a video from a show on March 21st at Machines With Magnets. Click here to see it! 

We have a newly recorded live track of a yet to be released song - Home. Check it out on our bandcamp!

We are going to be playing a show this month at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It will be a Thursday night - the 21st. The headliner is  an awesome cello player named Helen Money. We're very excited to be a part of this show! The opener, I believe, will be Jealous Fuck. Should be an awesome night!! Updates to follow when we have more solid info.
Setting up our merch suitcase with a little help from this crazy cat ... 
Testing presses for the new 7 inch arrived yesterday!! They sound amazing. All the components of this little single are coming together quickly - only a few pieces remain!

Last night's show went amazingly! Dan Talbot had a great set of songs - I got one of them on video that we'll hopefully upload soon. Time Ghost ruled - probably the most memorable/cohesive noise-ish act I've seen to date. Black Pus delivered as usual and left us all with a fantastic lingering inspiration to close off the night. 

As for our set, we feel great about it! It can be tough playing out as a newer project, so it was warming to have such an open-minded and kind audience. Thanks to everyone who came out! 

Lastly, thanks to Miss Brianna Ducey for taking pretty much all of our photos here on the site!
On Sunday January 27th Resilence will be playing a great show at AS220. Black Pus is headlining...Dan Talbot is going to start the night off strong,...and we're psyched to play with Time Ghost. I think this will be a really solid, unique, and creative experience. Should start around 9-9:30 PM at 115 Empire Street. Hope to see you there !!

Also ... Thanks to Eric for the flyer!!
This Saturday, Resilence will be playing a show at The News Cafe in Pawtucket.